Adult Golf

Private Lessons

One Hour Private Lesson: $150

5-Hour Package of Lessons: $700

Expires 1 year after purchase date


Shoot Lower Scores (SLS)

SLS Story:

Chris strongly believes in a long term development plan for all ages and abilities. This long term commitment ensures total game improvement and is aimed towards the most important goal, to SHOOT LOWER SCORES. Each SLS is customized to the students' golf experience and current goals. On course lessons help the coach assess what parts of your game need the most help and offer a great learning experience.

SLS terms and conditions:

  • All billing is done through Coal Creek pro shop
  • Swing video sharing frequency is up to the coach
  • All lessons expire one year from purchase

Pricing Options:

12 hours of Coaching + (1) 9-hole Lesson $2025 or monthly payments that suit you
25 Hours of Coaching + (2) 9-hole lesson $3770 or monthly payments that suit you


Mental Golf Recipe

Price: $600

Chris created the Mental Golf Recipe after several years caddying and coaching golf to all skill levels, from novice to Professional, and seeing the need for a specific mental golf training program.

Mental Golf Recipe
Recipes need ingredients.. 
(5) 1-Hour sessions, customized to find Ingredients to create your best Recipe 

Mental Golf Recipe is specific activities to determine what ingredients on and off the golf course result in your best performance.

Session 1:
•    Reflection on WHY you play golf 
•    What makes you happy off the golf course?
•    What are your strengths and weaknesses off the golf course (home, work, school, etc)? 
•    Strengths and weaknesses on the course during a tournament? 

Introduce the Golf Performance Journal

•    Intro to Step 4 of Pre-shot routine( How to be present when it matters the most)

Session 2:
•    The 4 Steps of the Pre-shot routine 
•    Off-course performance factors 

Session 3:
•    5-Hole on course lesson with 4 step Pre-shot routine

Session 4:
•    Post-shot routine: “Reflect & Replace”
•    How to react to good and bad shots in a way that helps performance vs hinders it
(30 min range, 2-3 holes on course) 

Session 5:
•    Combine your ingredients to make your recipe
•    Putting performance routine