Club Fittings

Chris has been a Master club fitter for over 6 years. He has completed hundreds of fittings with every major manufacturer, and can offer fitting services for every level of player. Some of Chris’ club fittings have gone on to win individual and team State Championships and play Division 1 college Golf. Club fittings at Coal Creek feature reliable launch monitor data off of green grass.

At Coal Creek, Chris has helped create a custom fitting process which ensures you will end up with the clubs you were fit for. Many times during the ordering process of clubs, shaft stiffness and weight end up being different than what a golfer tried during a fitting. Coal Creek can custom build your clubs to exact specifications, ensuring you will love your golf clubs. 

At Coal Creek, our club fitters receive 0% commision and are not salesmen. We will do everything possible to keep costs at a minimum and make the best and most honest recommendations for your game. Most other courses and "big brand" club fittings are conducted by salesmen. 

Check out Coal Creek website for more information on our Tour level fitting process or contact Chris directly at